Risk One (or Riskettan) in English,  

Wings Trafikschool in Alvik (Stockholm).

Risk part 1 (theoretically) is the first part of the tow mandatory courses for Swedish B driving licenses. Risk part 2 (practical) is a sekend part.  Both components Risk 1 end Risk 2  must be completed before going for your driver’s license exams! 
The course is conducted by Gabriel, a committed, pedagogical and certified driving school teacher with many years of experience, who provides the best conditions for you to become the best driver!

Risk 1 (or Riskettan) is the first part of the mandatory risk training for B driving licenses that all drivers must complete by Swedish Law.

Risk 1 is the theoretical component. The course is held in a classroom at Gustavslundsvägen 151C in Alvik, Bromma (Stockholm).  No prior knowledge is needed to pass the course. You also do not need a driving permit (you do in order to drive a car, though!)
Physical attendance is mandatory for this course. It is important to be on site 15 minutes before the training starts. You must bring valid ID at the time of the course.
The training is required to take at least 3 hours, plus breaks and discussions. 
You will cover how alcohol, drugs and fatigue can affect your driving.
Wings Trafikskola will provide you with all the knowledge you need to be as safe a driver as possible. 
We will report your attendance to the Transport Agency. Risk 1 component is valid for 5 years.

Wings Trafikskola is located centrally in Alvik with good communication only 10 minutes from Stockholm city and 5 minutes from Brommaplan.

We offer weekend courses in Stockholm! 

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Dont drink and drive.
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